Our accountancy services include year-round accounting and accounting system setups to help with cash flow budgeting and the preparation and audit of financial statements.

We have the experience to audit your organization and assist you prepare financial statements that meet internationally accepted financial reporting standards. We are committed and the resources. 

We have the experience and knowledge to advice on tax planning and tax compliance including but not limited to corporation tax, personal tax, Pay As You Earn (PAYE), Value Added Tax (VAT), Withholding Tax and Fringe Benefit Tax.

We take the burden out of your record keeping or make the whole process as easier as possible for you. MDM manages your records, be it monthly, quarterly, semiannual or annual records using manual and computerized methods. 

Our Mission is to establish a leading firm that’s globally involved in the application of accounting standards, audit procedures and sound tax administration as well as employing professional ethics with great focus on the quality of our services to enhance the development and growth of the economy through value adding services to organizations/customers and our society at large.
This company focus has been in place for more than a half century.


When it comes to integrity and corporate responsibility, we believe the normal rules of business apply.

Quality Services

Quality service is one of the key values MDM and Company has. We ensure apart from quick delivery, quality is maintained at every stage.  


With the level of our staff expertise, MDM and Company is totally reliable with any kind of service requested. 


We are accountable for each an every stage of delivery.This makes MDM and Company-Client relationship unique.


Some of our clients include

We help strengthen our client's brands by improving how they work. We rethink the process and work together to streamline it, rebuild it, and deliver it back smarter than before.
The approach to each of our consultancy assignment is governed largely by the nature and size of the clients’ activities, the task to be accomplished and the deadlines to be met and the extent to which the client staff can participate in the assignment.

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