Our Mission is to establish a leading firm that is globally involved in the application of accounting standards, audit procedures and sound tax administration as well as employing professional ethics with great focus on the quality of our services to enhance the development and growth of the economy through value adding services to organizations/customers and our society at large.

Our Vision is to become the industry’s Benchmark through delivery of high standard and reliable services in accountancy, taxation, auditing, financial and management consultancy

Our Services

Tackling the complexity that lies beneath business processes takes precision tools & deep expertise


Understanding business process requires understanding the industry. We do both.


Your Needs

Your stated need is for a firm of professionals to provide accountancy, taxation,
auditing, financial and management consultancy services to your organization.

We believe that, in addition to the above professional services, you are looking for
a firm of professionals who:-

  1. Will appreciate and seek to understand your organization goals, strategies and
  2. Can demonstrate an intelligent appreciation of the key issues facing your organization.
  3. Can identify areas of management concern and work as a team with your staff in dealing with those concerns.
  4. Have the experience and commitment to act, not simply as accounting, tax, audit, financial and management consultants, but as advisers and partners in the organization challenges.
  5. Can provide quality and timely service that make a difference to the organization at a competitive price.

Our response

We believe that Mutunga D.M and Company have extensive experience in providing
accountancy, taxation, auditing, financial and management consultancy services as
we have provided the same to a wide range of successful organizations in various
economic sectors.

Briefly, however, we can offer you these specific benefits: Audit, Accountancy,
Staff Capacity Buildings & Training Development and Development of finance
manuals, Tax Consultancy services, Training & Bookkeeping, financial systems
installation and management, Development of Human Resource Management policies
and Company secretarial services.

We help strengthen our client's brands by improving how they work. We rethink the process and work together to streamline it, rebuild it, and deliver it back smarter than before.
The approach to each of our consultancy assignment is governed largely by the nature and size of the clients’ activities, the task to be accomplished and the deadlines to be met and the extent to which the client staff can participate in the assignment.

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